I played volleyball on Tuesday for the first time since moving from the Bay Area. I used to play at least once a week, but the long layoff has certainly taken my legs from me. My body is quite sore.

In the Bay Area, the leagues and open gyms are indoors all year and there are weekend tournaments outdoors. In Colorado, the leagues are all outdoors in the summer and so is the open play. I like playing grass volleyball, but you don’t get the same precision of play that you do indoors.

I was a sub for a co-ed 4’s league. The leagues here play with the net at the men’s height. Whenever I’ve played co-ed 4’s on grass in the past, we’ve played reverse co-ed. This format is nice because the women are more involved in the offense. There aren’t that many women that play rec volleyball that can hit effectively on a men’s net.

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