Photos 4.1

I’ve released Photos 4.1. This release adds basic internationalization support and fixes all reported bugs in verion 4.0.1.

Here is the change list:

  • Added localization support
  • Reduced HTML footprint
  • Changed the get limit from 500 to 300
  • Allow viewing the portfolio by list
  • Added a check that may allow Photos to work with GD 1.6
  • Change check for GD version, should be more compatible.
  • Upgraded to Exifer 1.41
  • Stopped using the deprecated ‘call by reference’
  • Date picker works properly when a number of months other than 3 is selected.
  • Added a setting in the language file for the character set of the page
  • Added a check to remove the error message if you clicked the ‘Add Details’ button and no photos needed details addded.
  • Fixed search by ‘Need Details’
  • URL encoded the photo URL in the EXIF and IPTC pop-up windows
  • Fixed a problem with single quotes in photo paths
  • ‘previous’ was misspelled on entry page
  • Download link for latest release version on about page was broken
  • List view change works in Portfolio screen now
  • Hidden files (beginning with ‘.’) are properly hidden on the load folder screen

Note: to use Photos, you must have PHP installed with the GD image library enabled.

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