Treo 600 Portable Keyboard

I’m writing this on the Treo 600 Portable Keyboard I got last week. The Treo’s built-in keyboard is great for quick responses and such (much better than graffiti), but there is no substitute for a touch-type-able keyboard.

I had one of the original Palm V folding keyboards several years ago and used it to keep notes from meetings in MiniDB. The keys on this version aren’t quite as big, however the folded size is quite a bit thinner.

The price tag seemed a little steep from the PalmOne web site, so I ended up buying it on eBay. I rarely use eBay, but this purchase worked out quite well.

Now, from the Treo, I can now do just about everything I need to do to run my business: process orders, respond in some detail to support and pre-sales inquiries, etc. This is a good thing.