Development Bits

I thought I’d share a couple development ideas I’ve been using recently recently. I’m interested if others think these are good ideas or if there are reasons to avoid them.

  1. In the next release of my Tasks software I’m appending the software version number in a query string for all JS and CSS files (file.js?version=1.2 instead of just file.js). The reason I’m doing this is to avoid situations where people have trouble refreching their browser’s cached JS and CSS files after upgrading the software to a new version. The only potential problem I can see with this is the argument in the URL might cause some browsers not to cache the JS and CSS. Insights?
  2. When creating a string in a format like this in PHP (please, no semantic tagging arguments):

    Item 1 | Item 2 | Item 3

    I put each item into an array, then implode the array with the ‘ | ‘ as the separator. This way I don’t have to check for the last item and exclude the separator – it takes less code and is a lot easier to maintain.

Any small gems you use that you think the world should know about? Comments and (especially) trackbacks with tips of your own would be wonderful.