Tasks Pro™ 1.5b1

Finally, Tasks Pro™ 1.5 is ready (I hope) for a beta release! In software development, beta means (well, is supposed to mean) that the release in question is feature complete – it’s a very nice milestone. This should be fairly polished for an initial beta, but I’m still in the :scare: if it ain’t right, fix it :/scare: mode.

Version 1.5 adds recurring tasks, task templates, favorites, an improved admin interface and the ability to send e-mail notifications to other users when saving a task and a variety of other enhancements.

For those that were using the alpha releases, here are some of the changes since alpha 3:

  • Ability to deploy task templates from the mobile interface.
  • Added Edit and Mark Complete commands to the tasks in the Favorites list.
  • Make cookies that remember open and closed tasks user specific (so that multiple users on the same computer have unique settings).
  • Add prompts to apply changes to future recurring tasks.
  • Add prompts to delete future recurring tasks.
  • Added a script to activate recurring tasks (and added documentation for it).
  • Added the ability to display files in the browser instead of just downloading them.
  • Changed the iCalendar VTODO export to be more compatible with other iCalendar software.
  • Added the ability to clear due dates or extend due dates by N days when modifying multiple tasks at once (from a list).
  • Added an option to show the day of the week a task is due instead of the number of days.
  • Removed and optimised a lot of code and fixed all reported bugs in the previous alpha.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on the beta mailing list.

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