position: fixed; in IE

One of the bugs reported in the last alpha of Tasks Pro™ was that the new inline pop-up window for favorites, the date picker, the mark complete form, etc. wasn’t being displayed properly in IE. A little testing showed that the position: fixed; in the CSS wasn’t having the desired effect. It turns out this is well documented.

Using position: absolute; allowed me to put the popup form in position relative to the page, but not to the window. The work-arounds mentioned in the wiki all depend on IE running in standards compliance mode, not in quirks mode. My code is still running in quirks mode since I’m still supporting older versions of IE (might change that in a future release).

I finally ended up using position: absolute; and adding a scrollTo(0,0); line in the JavaScript to bring the page back to the top so that the popup appears in the proper place. It isn’t an ideal solution, but it only effects IE users (Firefox, yo!). 😉

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