CitiMortgage Frustrations, Part 2

Maybe I spoke too soon when I said things had been resolved…

I got an automated phone call this morning from CitiMortgage; the threatening one where they say no payment has been received and they will be reporting you to the credit bureau, etc. *Sigh*

So I call the number as requested and sit on hold for 30 minutes before I finally get a human on the phone. (Sidenote: why make me enter my account number on the keypad if you’re just going to ask me for it again when you finally pick up the phone?) The :scare: lady :/scare: I spoke with told me that yes my account was past due and that one of my payments had been received. I told her about yesterday’s activities and asked her to look at the notes from yesterday.

A few minutes later, she told me that everything would probably taken care of before the end of the month when my account would be reported as delinquent. Gee, how could I not find that reassuring.

I asked what I should do if I get further phone calls like I did this morning. She said I shouldn’t worry about them, that I didn’t need to call back. “Really?” I asked, “You’re telling me to ignore phone calls saying that my account is overdue and that it will be reported to a credit bureau? Hello, hello?” She’d hung up.

I think it’s time to write a letter to someone higher up at Citi.