Quite Happily Stunned

I can’t believe the Sox won… 😎

1986 was the second World Series I watched and the first that I really cared about. I’d gone to Boston with my family that summer and my Dad and I went to a game at Fenway Park. All my previous major league baseball had been watched at the Kingdome and Fenway was like another world – like going back in time. Don’t blame Buckner for 1986, it was the relievers that had already blown it. Eventually I became more of a Mariners fan, but for years the Red Sox were my favorite team.

I missed the last few outs (got them recorded of course) because I was subbing in on a volleyball team at The Island. It was my first experience playing 6’s in the sand – I probably prefer hardcourt. I haven’t played much volleyball since coming to Colorado, but I’m planning to change that. The timing of my drive to The Island was perfect – I got to watch the lunar eclipse all the way.

What a night!