Found Another Dog

I found another dog this morning. This time I was out taking Noonan for a walk and saw the dog running loose. It came over to us about a block from our house so I picked up my pup (she still doesn’t have all her shots) and carried her home. Then I coaxed the other dog over to me, got ahold of his collar and started dialing the numbers on his tag.

I left messages at both numbers on the dog tags and was wondering what to do next when a couple of city landscapers drove by and pulled over. They had been flagged down by the owner a few blocks away, so they took the dog from me to bring back to the owner. Good deal. I went back and got Noonan to continue our walk.

About a block in, the owner and found dog (Pikey) caught up with me, thanked me and asked if I’d seen his other dog. We had really high winds last night and it turns out their fence blew over (letting the dogs loose). Unfortunately, I hadn’t seen the other dog.

On the way back home, I ran into Pikey and his owner again as they were getting into their car. He had just gotten a call on the other dog and was going to pick it up. 🙂

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