When I got an e-mail from the producer of Bushisms offering me a chance to review the new Bushisms DVD, a big grin spread across my face. Regardless of your politics, our current President has certainly had some funny moments at the microphone.

I’d only glanced through the Bushism books previously so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. There is definitely a risk of something like this having a nasty edge, but I thought the Bushisms DVD did a very good job of poking fun at the jumbled words without going after the man directly (at least not viciously).

Many of the quotes are somewhat famous at this point, but listening to them all back to back is quite a ride. For me, it started out funny, then got a little embarrasing, then downright painful.

The George W. Bush singers are definitely a highlight. You can see them in action in the demo video clip. Their rendition of 4000 years is (unfortunately) very catchy and was stuck in my head for a day or two.

It was also interesting to hear from the people that help bring attention to these gaffes. Jacob Weisberg of Slate:

…after September 11th. We went through a lot of agonizing about whether with the nation at war and under attack, if it was right to continue making fun of the President. And when he said that, we realized we had no choice.

One silly thing that struck me; during parts of the DVD when you are reading from the screen (with little or no audio), there is background music playing that is reminiscent of original Nintendo games. I wonder if anyone else had the same thought when they heard it. 🙂

Anyway, if you like watching verbal train wrecks, Bushisms on DVD is a must-see.