Tasks Pro™ 1.5 beta 2

I was pleased that no major (damaging) bugs were reported in the first beta of Tasks Pro™ 1.5. I fixed all the little ones for this beta 2 release. This beta will expire on Nov. 30th.

I feel comfortable recommending people upgrade their production server to this version if they want to take advantage of the new features. I think main work remaining is updating the documentation and all the back-end stuff that goes into the release.

Here are the changes from beta 1:

  • Suppress PHP Notices in list views.
  • Don’t prompt for child task behavior when marking multiple tasks complete and there are no child tasks.
  • Strip leading and trailing spaces from URLs.
  • Users without e-mail addresses shouldn’t be listed in the notify form.
  • Upgrade from Tasks 2.x no longer requires an extra run through the upgrade script.
  • Rewrite (streamline) the upgrade scripts.
  • Ability to deploy a template as a top level task/note.

It’s probably time to get the matching version of Tasks out in beta.

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