Tasks Pro™ 1.5rc3 and Tasks 2.5rc3

Release candidate 3 of Tasks Pro™ 1.5 and Tasks 2.5 are now available. Big thanks to everyone who reported even the smallest of problems with the previous release candidates, please do the same with this one.

These changes were made to both Tasks Pro™ and Tasks:

  • Added a login hash for additional security. Due to this change, you’ll have to log in again if you use the ‘Remember Me’ auto-login option.
  • Fixed errant prompt when unchecking the recurring task box.
  • Recurring task activation script wasn’t properly adding slashes to tasks.
  • The sort order control on the home page didn’t work properly in PHP 5.

These changes were made to Tasks Pro™:

  • The group selection fieldsets were collapsing in Safari.
  • The group selection controls didn’t work properly in Safari.

This change were made to Tasks:

  • Fixed: editing the name or description of a template resulted in a new (empty) template being created instead of updating the existing template.

These beta releases will expire on January 25th.

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