Belkin Bluetooth Adapter

Eric was kind enough to send me a Belkin Bluetooth adapter (first one, w/ flag antenna) that he was no longer using, and I managed to get it working with the Dell 700m.

While installing the drivers, I had to click ‘Continue Installation’ 20 times against the :scare: advice :/scare: of the Windows prompts that kept warning me to stop the installation – unbelieveable.

After installing and rebooting, I plugged in the adapter and immediately ran into the problems descibed here. Work-around #1 didn’t do anything, but work-around #2 seems to have worked.

With the driver installed, I went about trying to pair with my Sony T608 – not exactly an easy task either. There are a bunch of different screens and property sheets you need to jump through, and in the end you need to know that you have to pair the devices (including entering the device PINs) or you probably won’t get anywhere.

Having only used Bluetooth on the PowerBook previously, I now appreciate the great job Apple has done making Bluetooth easy to use in Mac OS X. Considering the hoops I had to jump through to get this set up (including knowing in advance that it would be difficult and I needed to go dig for information), I’m not surprised at all the posts I found that simply claimed that you can’t use Bluetooth with Windows XP.

This was posted via Bluetooth from the Dell 700m. 🙂