Tasks Pro™ 1.5rc5 and Tasks 2.5rc5

Tasks Pro™ 1.5rc5 and Tasks 2.5rc5 are now available for download.

I expect these to be the final release candidates before the actual releases. Please let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary in these releases.

Here are the changes in both since rc4:

  • Focus isn’t set in new URL field in Win/IE
  • Create template from task failed if the task title or notes had slashes
  • Fixed IE JS error message (unterminated constant)
  • Fixed PHP Notices on Preferences screen
  • More documentation updates

These changes were only made in Tasks Pro™:

  • Don’t filter tasks by group in task template screens
  • Don’t show inherit groups option when deploying a template as a top level task
  • When a task template inherits parent groups, it should override all private and groups settings

These pre-releases will expire on Feb 15th.

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