Name That Tune

I still have a mix tape1 a friend made for me back in college. The last song on Side A is Round Here by Counting Crows, but as the song ends it fades into an instrumental tune that I don’t know. My guess is that there was something else originally on the tape before the mix I have now was recorded over it.

Anyway, I love the mystery tune and I’ve never been able to identify it. I remember a bunch of us sitting around the dorm soph year trying to figure it out. One gal swore it was a Phish tune, but could never identify it. Listening to it today, I think it sounds a little like Joe Satriani’s guitar work.

Here is an MP3 of the clip of the song I have:

Download mystery_song.mp3 (1.8MB)

There is a $5 bounty (via PayPal) for the first person to correctly identify the song in the comments.

I was surprised at the hoops I had to jump through to get this into MP3 format. I tried recording it directly into the Mac using WireTap, but they charge $20 now or they talk over the audio. This is what I finally did:

  1. Hook a line out from the headphone jack on my little stero to the microphone in port on my video camera.
  2. Play/record to get the audio onto the video camera.
  3. Import the video into iMovie.
  4. Crop the clip to the length I wanted.
  5. Extract the audio.
  6. Import the audio clip into iTunes.
  7. Convert to MP3.

I’m sure there is an easier way to do this2 – tips?

UPDATE: The song is ‘The Divided Sky’ by Phish. The clip I posted starts around 4:23 into the song. Thanks Bill!

  1. Way back when people used to make tapes! [up]
  2. It didn’t make sense to purchase an audio utility for a one-off need [up]