How to Lose Customers

Perhaps I spoke too quickly in defending Kensington in the comments of my previous post. I got an e-mail confirmation that my order was cancelled, then a day later I got an shipment notification e-mail on the cancelled order. Sure enough, the product showed up a few days later and my credit card was charged.

Today, I finally took the time to call them at the number included on the cancellation e-mail. Of course, this was still the wrong number. I spoke with a nice lady who was sympathetic, but in the wrong department to actually do anything about it.

At this point, I give up. I am no longer interested in pursuing the matter any further. Kensington has demonstrated to me that they are not capable of executing a request I may send in, so I won’t waste my time on it any further.

I just won’t buy Kensington products in the future.