I’ve toyed with multi-clipboard apps in the past, but I think I’ve finally found one I’m going to stick with in shadowClipboard. I really like the implementation, and so far prefer the simple interface to the advanced interface.

I’m a productivity tool junkie, but a very particular one. I probably ditch 90% of the software I evaluate because of the chosen implementation, lack of elegance, etc. It’s high praise from me when I include shadowClipboard in the same sentance as LaunchBar and Path Finder (and one other that I can’t talk about yet) as enhancements/tools I use without thinking about them – tools that let me to do things faster and more efficiently.

Even though I’m only using shadowClipboard on two machines (my Quad and my PowerBook)1, I decided to buy the “group” license and reward the stupidFish folks an extra $5 for a job well done. 🙂

If you use a Mac, check out shadowClipboard.

  1. And I don’t really need the “shared clipboard across machines” feature since I only use one at a time. [back]