TextMate Has Improved

I liked what I read last week in the TextMate blog so much, I decided to use it exclusively for a project. When I tried TextMate back in the 1.0 days, I found I didn’t entirely care for it, for various reasons.

On the flight home last night, I used TextMate for some PHP editing and I was impressed with what I found. I kept elbowing Steve to show him little features that have been added/refined since I last used it.

While BBEdit has years of growth and maturity and deep features to show for it, TextMate is definitely catching up fast, and I believe it actually eclipses BBEdit in some places already.

It’s great to see this kind of growth in the Mac text editor space1.

  1. skEdit just released version 3.6 – haven’t had a chance to try it in-depth yet though. [back]