Back From Vacation

I’m back from my weekend jaunt to (mostly) sunny Arizona. We skipped last year due to business, but this is the 4th time in 5 years taking this trip. I quite enjoy this vacation – a few rounds of golf and a few spring training baseball games do wonders for relaxation. 🙂

A few random notes:

  • My scores at the ASU Karsten course over the last 5 years: 2002: 102, 2003: 100, 2004: 92, 2006: 84 (with a damn triple-bogey on the last hole). The scores are going in the right direction at least.
  • At the Diamondbacks-Rangers game on Saturday, in the later innings, the Rangers fielded what has to be one of the highest infield uniform number sums ever: 1B 88, 2B 94, SS 97, 3B 95, P 96.
  • Baskin Robbins has Oregon Blackberry ice cream right now. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest 31 flavors and get yourself a cone. This has been my favorite ice cream flavor for years – I wish it was available throughout more of the year.
  • The console/dash/controls of the Chevy HHR are probably the least usable I’ve ever seen. Everything is in a weird spot – even the windshield wiper control is upside down1. Also, the roof extends so far forward of the seating area that I couldn’t see traffic lights unless I leaned forward over the steering wheel. I’m glad to see American cars looking more interesting, but I’d stay far away from this one.
  • I travelled with the Dell 700m rather than my PowerBook for 2 reasons. 1) I was flying Southwest so that chance that I’d get an exit row was slim. 2) I’m considering only bringing the Dell on another trip later this spring (because of its size) and I wanted to see how I’d deal with only having a Windows machine. I can manage with it, but coming back to my Mac and a full size keyboard was nice.
  • I mostly used the Zend Studio for the little coding I did instead of the various Windows text editors I have (that I don’t like much). I was impressed at how far the Zend Studio has come since I tried it last. At least, it’s quite nice on Windows – I’ll have to try it again on the Mac (downloading now).

I’m back in the snow now, and back to work.

  1. It turns on by pushing up, not down. [back]