PHP Documentor

I went through and created PHP Documentor formatted documentation for the code I’ve got so far for the little OS project I hinted at a few weeks ago. I’m considering doing this for Tasks Pro as well, creating a developer’s kit to sell as an add on.

I’ve been using the Zend Studio on Mac OS X to do this and I’ve been genearlly pleased at how it’s gone. Unfortunately, the OS X version of Zend is really bad compared to the Windows version. I ended up turning off the “Use OS Look and Feel” option because I’d rather use a decent Windows style app (on the Mac) than a bad OS X app.

I’d be tempted to buy a license of the Zend Studio if I could buy a single license to use on both my Macs and my Windows box. Unfortunately, their licensing would require me to buy 3 different licenses – one for each machine. $300 is already a stretch, $900 is out of the question. Maybe I’ll look into PHPEclipse instead.

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