Boot Camp = Great For Web Developers

I’m quite happy about Apple’s Boot Camp, this is great for web1 developers. I’m going to need to start testing my apps on IE 7 pretty soon, and I don’t much fancy adding another windows box to my stable of machines just for testing in another browser. However, adding an Intel Mac mini that I can boot into Windows and can also do double duty as a Mac test environment sounds pretting intriguing. 🙂

Eric might even switch now.

UPDATE: Another point I forgot to mention is how great this is for those who travel. I often have to bring both my PowerBook and my Dell laptop when I travel (especially when doing a consulting gig), this would eliminate the need to carry the Dell entirely.

UPDATE #2: Parallels could be even more handy assuming you can create multiple virtual machines and speed is good.

UPDATE #3: Lots of interesting feedback is posted on Macintouch.

  1. Or other cross platform apps. [back]