Switching to FastMail

I’ve threatened to do it in the past, but yesterday I finally took the plunge and signed up for an “Enhanced” account (for 5 years) at FastMail. Hopefully this is the last time I have to think about e-mail for the next 4 years, 364 days. 😉

We’ve been hosting a fair amount of mail here on this server and frankly the box is at its limit. The mail set-up is fairly complicated, with lots of configuration hours having gone into getting the Bayesian filters working properly, etc. With the mail off the box, we can finally upgrade to a more powerful server as well.

I’ll be moving my mail today and this weekend1, and Scott will be transitioning in another week or two. Once the mail is gone and we’re on a faster box, we should have plenty of room to keep growing.

UPDATE: FastMail has a referrer program, the link above now includes my referrer id.

  1. I’ll keep some notes as I make the transition for a future post once I feel I can really review the service. [back]