iPod Software is Too Old?

I got an odd error message when I set my iPod in the cradle after buying a song at the iTunes Music Store today1:

Some songs in your iTunes Music Library could not be transferred to your iPod because your iPod software is too old. Go to apple.com/ipod to download the latest…


Ok, I go to apple.com/ipod and look for a link download the latest iPod updater. For some reason, I have to log in or provide my e-mail address to download the updater software.


Ok, I dig into my System Keychain and find my apple.com account info, log in and download the updater. The updater is a package installer that installs the iPod updater application.


Ok, the iPod updater software is now installed. I launch the updater and… it tells me my iPod software is up to date.


Ok, time to do some searching.


This looks like it could be a solution.


Following the solution steps in the last post in that thread did the trick for me. This certainly isn’t an easy solution though. It requires deleting a system file, downloading the iTunes installer, downloading a shareware app, pulling a file from the iTunes installer package, and manually putting that file into the system extensions.

Dear Apple,

Every step along the way was harder than it should be (including the fact I shouldn’t have needed to do it in the first place). This process is broken and needs fixing. Thanks for listening.

–Alex King

  1. Wow, that’s an awkward sentance! [back]