Business Checks

With this year’s tax checks, I finally ran through the “starter” checks that the bank gave me when I opened my business account here in Colorado a little over 2 years ago1.

I called to re-order and was given a half dozen choices over the phone. At the end of all this, the price for 100 checks was $50! I hadn’t asked for anything special, just standard business size checks with duplicates. I then asked for the cheapest checks available. 🙂

Seeing how I’ve used ~6 checks a year over the last 2 years, paying a bunch of money for checks wasn’t high on my list. I’ve got ~100 checks on the way for $15 now, which I still don’t like but I guess I can live with. Ah the joys of having your own business.

  1. I generally use the online banking service to send checks. [back]