Calendar Hacking

If I’m going to use this BlackBerry, I need to figure out a solution for my Calendars. My current idea is something like this:

  • PocketMac can’t handle all my calendar data (due to volume or perhaps some invalid character somewhere), so if I reduce the data being sync’ed perhaps it will work.
  • I can archive my old calendar data and keep only one active iCalendar with this year’s data in it – that calendar will be sync’ed.
  • The archival data will be available using Sunbird/Mozilla/etc. I rarely need it, but I can’t trash it (and eventually I want to bring it back).

The question now is, “How do I go about transforming this data?” I exported my main calendar as a 18,515 line iCalendar (a little inconvenient no longer having that be the default format), but it didn’t come out in a cronological dump, so manually cutting and pasting would be a bit of an ordeal.

I don’t know of any way to search by date range and export the results, so I’m thinking about writing a simple script to parse the file and create a “2006” iCalendar and a “pre 2006” iCalendar.

Anyone have a better idea?

Please? 🙂