Tasks Pro™ 1.6.3 and Tasks 2.6.3

I’ve released new version of Tasks Pro™ and Tasks. These are patch releases, not adding any new functionality.

Naturally, just after I went on vacation a couple of bug reports came in – several dealing with MS SQL Server compatibility and installation. According to the customers who tested for me (thank you!), these releases fix those problems.

These changes were made in both Tasks Pro™ and Tasks:

  • Server settings are properly retrieved after an update on MS SQL Server.
  • Fixed a typo that could cause changes to mailboxes not to update properly if MySQL was running in strict mode.
  • Included the correct database independant version of a file – the wrong one had been packaged in the previous release.
  • When stopping the timer for a task by using the Mark Complete feature, the child task duration is properly updated for any parent tasks in the hierarchy.

These changes were made in Tasks Pro™ only:

  • When removing a parent from a task (when the user has chosen to inherit parent groups), there is no prompt to get groups from the new parent.
  • The upgrade from Tasks script works properly (MySQL only).
  • When upgrading from Tasks Jr. to Tasks Pro™, the installer finishes properly.

These changes were made in Tasks only:

  • The install script runs properly on MS SQL Server.

Use Tasks accounts are not effected by most of these changes and already have a few of these patches, the remaining changes will be applied to all Use Tasks accounts shortly.

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