ShaggyMac MacBook Screen Protector

Ever since the titanium PowerBook G4’s, I’ve placed a cloth over my laptop keyboard when closing it to keep the keyboard oils from transferring to the screen and making that horrible key pattern on the screen.

Jason got me started with this, as he’d been doing so with the original PowerBook G4 I bought from him and I used the same when I upgraded to a faster PowerBook G4. When I got my 17″ PowerBook, I switched to a Coolshield Screensleeve, which worked well but was a little bit more of a hassle to use.

For the MacBook, I ordered a more basic screen protector from ShaggyMac, in black of course.

Screen protectors are the sort of thing that should be available ASAP when new laptop models are released and ShaggyMac was, to their credit, on top of this with a MacBook specific version in several colors.

I was also impressed in the delivery time. I ordered the screen protector on Friday afternoon with shipping via Priority Mail; they got it sent out on Saturday and I had it in my hands with the mail mid-day on Monday.

The ShaggyMac screen protector fits well, is an appropriate weight, material and thickness and I definitely recommend it.

Disclosure: I received no discount or favor from ShaggyMac for this review, nor am I affiliated with the company in any way.