MacBook Heat and Battery Life

Several folks have asked for my thoughts on the heat issues and battery life of the MacBook. Here they are…


Yes, this puppy gets hot. The left side gets hot enough that I wouldn’t want it on my lap directly (I use several lap desks), and the heat is most intense when I’m running the processor up while plugged in.

The MacBook runs much cooler when running on battery, I assume because the processor steps down to conserve power. It is hotter than my PowerBook G4 when plugged in, but perhaps a little cooler when unplugged.

The heat isn’t really a problem for me – though it’s certainly something they could improve.

Battery Life

Battery life is good. I get a real 4.5 hours of usage, without bringing the screen brightness down too far.

Also nice, I can put it to sleep at night with 1:40 of battery left and when I wake it up the next morning it still hass 1:40 of battery left.

I think that pretty well covers it, feel free to ask questions in the comments and I’ll try to answer them.