MacBook Q & A

Answering your MacBook questions

Andrew writes:

How do you find the keyboard with extended use ? The spacing looks excessive but my casual use at the store seems to find it fine.

It feels just like a normal keyboard to me. The key travel and spacing is standard, it’s just the look that is different.

Do you notice the gloss on the screen all that much  Again I’ve found it to be a very light gloss in comparison to my 700m.

This is a complete non-issue for me. I agree that it’s much less glossy than the Dell screen and doesn’t seem to suffer from the same reflection problems in my normal usage.

Remco writes:

Are you worried about the life span of your laptop considering the heat? If the outside is hot imagine what the inside must feel like…I’m pretty sure in time that will take a toll on the hardware inside.

Not really, I mostly use it unplugged so it isn’t running very hot. Frankly, I look at computers as 2 year machines these days – I certainly expect it to keep chugging well past that.

will langford writes:

Good writeup. I am thinking about getting one later on this summer, only thing is the keyboard im not sure of, and the heat issue kind of bothers me because I use my current ibook on my lap all the time.

See my response above on the keyboard. I heartily recommend a good lap desk too.

Stephan writes:

So you got a MacBook instead of a MacBook Pro? Any reason why?

I tried to cover this here: MacBook vs. MacBook Pro. I’ve had no regrets going with the MacBook, it’s a very capable machine.