MacBook Update

Haub asks:

Hey Alex….I also have a MacBook and am wondering if you’ve had any of the random shutdown issues as described here.

My 14 day return window is over tomorrow and you being a power user could shed some light on how your machine is holding up. I’ll be pretty ticked if I get this problem. The only problem I’ve had is with 3rd party ram installation. It caused all kinds of weird behaviors (video artifacts, boot problems). Got it from

Adam and Matt recently asked me how I was liking the MacBook as well, I guess it’s time for another follow-up post. 🙂

There isn’t really much to report. The MacBook is great – I have no real complaints. The keyboard is a complete non-issue, as is the heat most of the time (especially with the iLap). The screen is excellent, the performance is great and both the size of the machine and the screen size have proven to be quite suitable for my usage1.

Huab, I had a bunch of problems with the RAM I bought for my Quad from (Other World Computing). I still get the occasional video artifacting that comes from bad RAM. I’ll probably never buy RAM from them again. I got my MacBook RAM from Crucial and it is great. It can sometimes cost a few bucks more, but I’ve yet to have a problem with RAM from Crucial.

  1. I use You Control: Desktops as my virtual desktop manager. [back]