Tasks Pro 1.7rc2 and Tasks 2.7rc2

I’ve made Tasks Pro™ 1.7rc2 and Tasks 2.7rc2 available for download. These releases have a few minor changes since the rc1 versions:

  • PostgreSQL 8 compatibility changes.
  • MS SQL tagging compatibility changes.
  • Reduce server load when creating RSS feeds and iCalendars for a task and all sub-tasks.
  • Add compatibility for an alternative e-mail attachment format (e-mail to task feature).
  • “Mark complete and attach sub-tasks to parent task” works properly.
  • Updated to latest version Yahoo! UI library.
  • Updated to latest version of ADOdb.

A few folks have asked me if these are ready for production use, and the answer is yes. This would have been the final release if the web site changes and other supporting materials were ready to go. The full .7 releases will be posted once the online demo, free trials, support changes, etc. are all ready. Unfortunately, all of that stuff takes way more time than I’d like it to. 🙂

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