Keyboard and Mouse

I’ve been using my current keyboard and mouse for a couple of years now and they are due for an upgrade. The keyboard has some keys that have become :scare: unreliable :/scare: and the mouse is getting a bit grimy. Plus with the mouse attached, my desktop machine won’t sleep – I have to unplug it every time, which is a nuisance.

This Logitech keyboard/mouse combo looks kind of nice, as does this Microsoft combo. A rechargeable mouse with a charging cradle would be a nice bonus.

I’ve really liked the mechanical switches in my keyboard, but the noise level is a bit of a drawback. I don’t like the standard Apple keyboard – the keys take too much force to press. I do like the action on laptop keyboards (like my MacBook and old PowerBook).

Advice, reviews, tips and suggestions are invited in the comments.