Now that I’ve got my calendar sync set-up solved by switching to Google Calendar, I just needed a sync solution for my contacts. Matt pointed to Plaxo for this a little while back, so I set up an account and was all sync’ed up a few minutes later. Very nice.

So now I’ve got a fairly decent SOHO Mac BlackBerry solution:

  • Calendar – Google Calendar, subscribed to in iCal on multiple Macs but I primarily use the web interface. Sync from iCal to BlackBerry using PocketMac (hopefully OTA sync using GCalSync soon). Offline event creation via queued SMS on the BlackBerry, or via export/import to GCal.
  • Contacts – Sync Macs using Plaxo, sync to BlackBerry using PocketMac (hopefully OTA sync using Plaxo soon, 8703e on Sprint is not yet a supported device).
  • E-mail – forward non-spam from my FastMail1 account to my BlackBerry. No IMAP like functionality, but I’ve become rather comfortable with the BlackBerry as a sort of “mail notifier”.

Everything is free except the e-mail account, but you can certainly get free e-mail if you like. All in all, I think it’s a pretty decent suite.

  1. I might be ditching FastMail for TuffMail, I haven’t done it yet due to the migration hassle. [back]