Let Down

Update: NBC has now made this song available for download. Here is a direct link.

The jazz version of O Holy Night at the end of tonight’s episode of Studio 60 knocked my socks off. When the voiceover said to go to nbc.com for more on tonight’s music, I was very hopeful. I thought, “perhaps they really are getting it!” After all, they are offering video of the episodes over the web now – maybe there will be an MP3 version of the song to download or purchase.

Unfortunately, all this hope turned to utter disappointment when I arrived at nbc.com, poked around for a while, and found only this:

Music from Studio 60

A listing of the musicians and a pointer to a web site to support the rebuilding of music in New Orleans. Sure I think this is a good cause, but I was really hoping to get myself a copy of that O Holy Night performance.

If you missed the show, you’ll be able to see it online in a couple of hours. Jump to the end to watch and listen to the musical performance – it’s breathtaking.

I’ve been enjoying watching Studio 60 this season. It isn’t as good as the West Wing, but I really enjoy Sorkin’s writing. And I’m not the only one – love this quote (emphasized below).

Sorkin is at his best when dealing with conflict, and this episode takes on conflict. It’s not the explosive kind of conflict that is the result of the John-Wellsification of NBC TV, but the strive to explore both sides conflict that TWW thrived on. John Goodman’s character delights in thwarting the Hollywood suits’ expectations of him by messing with their heads, and Sorkin delights in showing it to us. Matt at one point sums up the culture wars by saying that “Your side hates my side because you think we think you’re stupid, and my side hates your side because we think you’re stupid.” These kinds of semi-in-depth looks at the culture wars could be the bread and butter of Studio 60.

It’s just on a different level then the rest of what I see on TV.

UPDATE: The let down continues:

Video Not Found

UPDATE #2: Here is a direct link to the musical performance. Just beautiful.