FeedBurner E-mail Subscriptions

A week ago I talked about some things I don’t like (and the reasons why) about some of the features of FeedBurner‘s feed service1.

Some folks thought I was trying to badmouth FeedBurner on some personal vendetta, and nothing could be further from the truth. I merely ran smack into some old concerns in a real life usage situation and decided to share my thoughts on the topic. As I noted in the comments, I’ve had nothing but positive impressions from my various interactions with the folks at FeedBurner.

Since I was pointing out some negatives in the prior post, it’s only fair that I point out some positives as well. While I don’t care to use FeedBurner to power my feed, they do offer a great (free) e-mail subscription service.

I know some folks love the “subscribe by e-mail” functionality, but managing those subscriptions is a bit of a pain. The nuts and bolts of the subscription management is something I’m happily willing to outsource to FeedBurner.

I’ve enabled this for my blog – you can find the subscription form at the bottom of the middle sidebar, below the feed links. If I wasn’t able to outsource this, I wouldn’t be offering it. Thanks FeedBurner!

  1. Yes, these features are optional but without them the data provided from FeedBurner is minimal. To fully utilize FeedBurner, you need to have these features enabled; as they note on their comparison page. [back]