Dear Yahoo! Answers Visitors…

Dear Yahoo! Answers Visitors–

I’m sorry to hear that someone is spamming Yahoo! Answers.

Please understand that just because a web site links to mine does not mean that I am somehow responsible for their site or their actions.

The web site linked in the spam you are getting is a WordPress installation, which includes links to a few sites by default. Mine is one of them.

Please stop sending me e-mails like:

Subject: yahoo answers

You are a fucking asshole. Yoiu shitheads and your goddamned bots flooding the place with your goddamned shit. Go to fucking hell, dick for brains.


Subject: Fuck You

Fuck you for pulling this shit on the Yahoo answer page. Tak you and your shitty web page and shove it up your ass.

Etc., etc.

This type of language is uncalled for, ignorant, and not at all productive towards a solution for you. Thank you.

Your gracious host,
–Alex King