Keyboard and Mouse, Redux

I gave the Logitech S 530 a fair shake, even after its drivers caused my machine to freeze up (which in turn corrupted my hard drive and cost me several weeks in data recovery hell).

The thing is, I just didn’t like the keyboard action. It’s not as bad as the membrane keyboard that Apple ships these days, but it’s no where near as good as Logitech’s DiNovo either. The mouse wasn’t horrible, but it didn’t feel great either. And the whole kit was sucking batteries pretty hungrily. It just wasn’t for me.1

I’ve replaced the mouse with the Logitech MX Revolution (using the USB Overdrive driver), which I’m liking pretty well so far.

Since I don’t seem to like the :scare: standard :/scare: keyboard action, I’ve decided to go with a laptop style/scissor-switch keyboard.2 I’m currently choosing between the Kensington SlimType3 and the MacAlly IceKey. More on these in a future post when I’ve had time to test them out properly.

  1. Amazon has a very liberal return policy for items purchased in Nov-Dec, so the Logitech S 350 return is no issue. [back]
  2. I’m using my PowerBook G4 again temporarily, and I think my favorite keyboard right now is actually the MacBook keyboard with the funky keys. Having them all spaced out like that is something I’ve really grown to like. Keyboard manufacturers, please make a full-size one for me – I’ll buy it. [back]
  3. Possibly breaking my pledge not to buy Kensington anymore. [back]