Tagged: 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Steve made me do it. 5 things you (probably) don’t know about me:

  1. Diner food (particularly grilled sandwiches and breakfasts) and diners are one of my guilty pleasures. IHOP, mmmm.
  2. I have very soft fingernails and have to clip them back at least once a week so they don’t get bent back (painfully) when playing volleyball.
  3. I had to buy a pair of cheap golf shoes at the course to play a single 9-hole round back in CA because I’d accidentally packed my shoes (but not my clubs) when moving to CO.
  4. I put on a sock and shoe on one foot, then the other sock and shoe on the other foot – not both socks then both shoes. Yes, there is a reason – can you guess it?
  5. When I was 11, I was a giant baseball card (complete with stats on the back) for halloween.

And the unlucky recipients of this blogosphere chain letter: Geof, Eric, Adam, (The Other) Eric and Matt.