Link Harvest 1.0

Link Harvest is a WordPress plugin that uses the content in your posts and pages to build a links list for you, based on the sites you actually link to. You can see it in action on my Links page

I created this to help me better leverage my content as part of my recent site redesign. I finally found time to test everything in WordPress 2.0 and 2.1, finish the README, etc. so I could release it.

The initial link harvest can be fairly resource intensive and can take a while as it goes through all of your posts and pages looking for links and processing them. My initial harvest took around 3 hours for about 2000 posts. Future posts are added incrementally and you probably won’t even notice it.

Link Harvest is a fairly complicated plugin, so I highly recommend reading the README and following the installation steps carefully. If you get really stuck, I do offer consulting services.

On the technical side, I’ve recently added special handling support for FeedBurner redirect URLs and the ability to backfill page titles in the event some pages don’t load properly during the initial harvest operation. Like my Share This plugin, Link Harvest also uses Prototype for the reasons I’ve explained previously.

I’d also like to thank the folks that have sent in a donations to help support all the projects and plugins I make available for free here. Please consider making a donation if you find this stuff useful.

The download is available on my WordPress Plugins page.

If you have any trouble with this, please open a thread in the WP Support Forums and send me the link.

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