Sprint EV-DO, Again

I didn’t waste much time fixing my CD problems. After my post on Sunday resulted in a bunch of “I’ve got the Sprint card and it rocks” comments and e-mails, I went ahead and placed an order on Monday.

I placed the order through 3gstore.com, in large part because of the reach out by Alex from EVDOinfo. He left a comment and sent me an e-mail with an invitation to call him. I’m very glad I took him up on his offer – it was great to be able to ask some questions from someone who really knows the space.

The folks at 3gstore offer full support for Mac users and they also have a cool EVDOMaps mashup. Both times I called them, I got a call back within a half hour. I’m happy to recommend a business that is providing the kind of service they showed me.

So today I received my Novatel USB EVDO card (U720) and was able to get it all set up. I did the initial configuration and firmware upgrade in Boot Camp, as well as a few speed tests. Then I booted back into Mac OS X and it worked like a charm1. I ran some speed tests in OS X as well.

I posted the results of the speed tests on Flickr for those who are interested. I was surprised at how much of a difference the antenna up/down made. Perhaps it has to do with my distance from the antenna.

  1. EVDOinfo has a nice PDF of Mac OS X install instructions. [back]