WordPress Plugin Developer Needed

I get a lot more inquiries about custom WordPress plugin development than I can accept and I’m pretty much booked solid on a couple of projects over the next few months. I’d like to have a couple of folks in my virtual rolodex that I can refer people to when I can’t take on their projects.

Some prerequisites:

  • You have written and released at least 3 plugins that are representative of your skill level, and are very comfortable with the WordPress codebase.
  • You spend at least 25 hours/week on custom development projects.
  • You can (in almost all cases) reply to incoming customer inquiries within several hours during the business day.

If this sounds like you, get in touch. Please include links to your plugins as well as an assessment of your areas of strength/weakness as a plugin developer.

UPDATE: Since this post I have brought on several developers at Crowd Favorite (my web development and consulting shop) and we are now accepting much of the work I was previously referring out. If you need WordPress development, Crowd Favorite is here to help.