Copywrite, Ink.: Kidnapping Posts: King And Associates →

I received the following e-mail from this, um, gentleman:

Mr. King,

You and your associates have been outed as potential post kidnappers. You are welcome to respond to me in e-mail or explain yourself.

My article, which appears on several well-read blogs, appears here:[…]king-and-associates.html

I suggest an apology is in order. I also suggest you and your associates cease running my posts as your material.

Thank you,
Richard R. Becker, ABC
President, Copywrite, Ink.

The mind boggles…

Since he decided that a public post followed by a direct e-mail is the best course of action to take in this sort of situation, I thought it best to respond in kind.

I certainly agree that an apology is in order, I guess I will await his apology.

UPDATE: Screenshot of original blog post, thanks to the readers that sent this in.