Laptops and Desktops

It wasn’t long ago that I was using a laptop as my primary machine. I thought I’d never buy another desktop. Nowadays the desktop machines blow the laptops away in performance. I use my laptop when I’m on the road, and look forward to getting home to my desktop.

I’m going to have a second work environment soon, having signed up for The Hive. I’m trying to decide exactly how I want to handle setting up both my home and :scare: work :/scare: configurations.

My initial config at the Hive will likely be my 17″ PowerBook (or my MacBook) along with my old 22″ Cinema Display (yes, the original – from 1999 or 2000 I think). However, if my home set-up is nicer to use than my set-up at the Hive… well, there isn’t as much reason to go down to the Hive. 🙂

I noticed that the Dell flat panel displays are really cheap now… what I really want to do is upgrade my home desktop machine to a Mac Pro, move my Quad to the Hive and get a couple of extra flat panels to have 2 displays at both locations. For the moment I’m resisting the temptation to invest prematurely. 🙂

I’m curious to see speed tests with the new 8 core Mac Pros, especially running virtual machines. The Photoshop and video tests I’ve seen don’t show much of a performance difference.