Building 2.0, part 10: CMS Benefits

I’ve covered a lot of the benefits to having your entire site in a single CMS earlier in this series, but let me quickly highlight them again here.


With the content completely separated from the presentation, you can easily make sweeping site-wide changes like updating your site design, adding/changing a link in the menu, etc., etc. You can also make sweeping changes to your data directly in the database.

Before this I was somewhat paralyzed by the sheer amount of content I had to convert in order to make these kind of changes. Now it’s not such a big deal.


With all your content in a database, search becomes quite easy. As the content on your site grows, search becomes more and more important. You know, for the minority of people that actually try to look for something on their own. 😉

Leverage Other’s Work and Give Back

I’ve build a slew of WordPress plugins while working on this site, most of which have been released already (and a few more need to be). I’ve used some plugins written by other folks as well. Everyone benefits from this.

Updating Content

Having your content easily editable through a browser is awesome. It doesn’t seem like SFTP would be a real barrier to site updates, but in reality it was for me. It’s a lot easier for me to keep my pages up to date now that they are all powered by WordPress.