New Apple Keyboard

I stopped by the Apple Store on the way home from volleyball tonight to check out the new Apple keyboard. They didn’t have them in stock, so I had to wait until I got home to order a pair of them. 🙂

The key action is very similar to the MacBook keyboard – a keyboard I really loved. I’m still rocking my Tactile Pro for the moment, but since that keyboard appears to have gone away (2.0 ships in April 2007, huh?) and costs $180/per, the new Apple keyboard is a certified no brainer.

I used the old standard Apple keyboard for a couple of weeks after my Kensington StudioBoard went tets up, but had to junk it when my forearms and wrists started hurting badly. The keys were just too stiff – not so with these new keyboards.

I can’t wait for these to arrive, and when they near their EOL date at Apple in a few years I’ll probably buy a couple more just to have backups.