Apple Keyboard Revisited

I tried the Logitech S 530, the Kensington SlimType and the MacAlly IceKey, but none of them felt as good as my Kensington StudioBoard. Unfortunately, the KSB is misbehaving rather badly, with keys sticking and key combinations not working. I contacted Kensington support, and they are sending out a SlimType as a replacement. I’m not thrilled about this solution. For one thing, the SlimType is half the price I paid for the KSB, and it is not even a full extended keyboard body. However, the keys do work…

Matias offers the same physical keyboard as the Tactile Pro, but they are out of stock until March and I’ve been unable to locate one.

Running out of options and since it looks like getting another mechanical keyboard will be pretty tough, I decided to give the Apple keyboard one last shot. Not an hour after I started using it, I started getting pain in my forearms (just like the SlimType and the IceKey). I think it’s because the back of the keyboard rises at such a steep angle (forcing my hands to angle upward).

Luckily, the solution I used for the SlimType and IceKey also works with the Apple keyboard. I propped up the front of the keyboard about 3/8″ with some business cards and it’s not too bad at all now.

A week later, I’ve pretty much gotten used to the key action, though I do miss my nice mechanical key switches. I need to get a more permanent shim for the front than the stacks of business cards though. 🙂