CodeIgniter TextMate Bundle Additions

After finding the excellent CodeIgniter TextMate Bundle, I’ve switched to TextMate as my editor of choice for my CodeIgniter development. I’ve tried switching to TextMate in the past and there is a lot I like about it, however I always end up back with BBEdit for find/replace and other text manipulation tools.

This time though. I think I may be switching to TextMate permanently for CI development. My main annoyance with CI is how verbose some of the syntax is. Shortcutting that is worth quite a lot to me.

I’ve added a couple of snippets to the CI bundle. Here they are in case anyone else finds them useful.

This gives you a model property – named ‘model->property’ with Tab Trigger + cimod assigned:


This gives you a model method – named ‘model->method’ with Tab Trigger + cimod assigned:


It’s a little thing, but I’m quite excited about this and I’m really looking forward to seeing if I can incorporate these time savers as habits as I’m doing a little CI work this weekend.