Twitter Tools and Best Practices

I’ve seen a number of recent complaints about my Twitter Tools plugin’s capability to post to Twitter when you put a post on your blog. I’m somewhat sympathetic, it’s not a feature I use myself because I have similar thoughts on the topic.

I use Twitter Tools as an archiver – I want a copy of my Twitter content that I can work with locally, and that’s about all I really use it for. The additional features were added for the sake of completeness, as an exercise in working with the Twitter API, and due to requests from other users.

I’ve got a number of changes1 and new features I’m prepping for an update to Twitter Tools, should I include some editorializing on how people should use the broadcasting features :scare: responsibly :/scare: in the next update? I’ve never really seen that as my place – preferring to let people use their own judgment.


  1. Option to include @replies in the sidebar, make all @usernames clickable, make URLs in digests clickable, selective broadcasting of blog posts to Twitter, and a few more things I can’t recall at the moment. [back]

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