Air Install List

Since the Air is a little light on hard drive space I’ve been a little bit picky about what I install on it. It’s a good way to figure out what your “must have” apps are – this is what made the cut for me:

  • LaunchBar – this is the very first thing I installed. I’m hopelessly dependent on it.
  • Firefox – I’d like to give Safari another try, but I need someone to build a PwdHash extension for it before I can really use it. Besides, I still believe Gecko is the best engine to develop on.
  • BBEdit – still my #1 text editor.
  • TextMate – I’m now using this for CodeIgniter development.
  • YouControl Desktops – If I could turn off transitions altogether in Spaces, I might not need this.
  • Path Finder – a much better Finder.
  • MailTemplateEditor – I use this 3-5 times a day on average.
  • Twitteriffic – gotta get my fix.
  • NetNewsWire – an app that deserves more run time than I’ve been giving it
  • Skype – for the times when I need it
  • Skitch – haven’t used it much lately but it’s great for marking up design comps
  • Pukka – I blame Ethan for this one, he got me hooked on Pukka a while back. It’s a nice lean posting client.
  • LeanCalc – I use this all the time for quick calculations
  • iWork (copied over, it wasn’t too happy about that and complains every time I launch it, but still works)
  • SubEthaEdit – often used to take notes as a team on conf. calls
  • PwdHash – I’ve talked about this at length
  • Adium – the best IM client out there
  • MsgFiler – I can’t use without it
  • Adobe CS3 – runs surprisingly well
  • iStat Menus – the calendar widget is awesome
  • shadowClipboard – totally reliant on this as well
  • Vienna – for private feeds

It’s interesting trying to wittle things down to the essentials. I keep letting little things leak in, but in general I’ve tried to keep it fairly tight.

What makes your “must-have” list?