Addictomatic Refreshed

Addictomatic is sporting a shiny new suit today.

The overall look has been updated with a great new design from Bryan Bell, and a number of little features have been added and minor tweaks made since the initial launch.


I’ve got a few more screenshots here, but it’s a lot more fun to just go poke around.

Here is a partial list of the changes:

  • New theme design.
  • Welcome message for first time visitors.
  • List of Hot Topics next to the Create box.
  • New Browse the News navigation.
  • Integrated ads from the Deck.
  • More little JavaScript effect niceties.
  • Numerous behind the scenes changes for performance.

The main focus of the refresh was to make it easier for new visitors to explore the site. To this end we exposed more links to Hot Topics, added weight to the Browse the News (formerly Newsfix) button, and configured the Browse the News drawer to stay open on Browse the News pages. This last change keeps the other news topics visible more often, giving people enticing things to click on. Hopefully the results will be good.

Thanks, as always, to Dave Pell for trusting us to work on his baby. We have a lot of fun building and using Addictomatic.